If you are looking for peace, tranquillity and glorious mountain walks then the Auvergne will be a place you will love. Geologically it is a volcanic region and for this reason its beauty is preserved by the French as a National Park. From the house there are stunning views of the mountains. Raymond is a tiny hamlet set well off the main road. Caravans and lorries are forbidden to cross over the pass above at Puy Mary, so that even in the height of summer when some people do find this secluded valley and make for the mountains, it remains quiet and peaceful.

The medieval centre of the market town of Aurillac, 30 kilometres away, is a delightful area with good shopping for food and fashion. Closer to home is Mandailles, with a boulangerie/epicerie and two restaurants. Behind the cottage is a farm where you can get fresh milk, yoghurt and goats cheese, and a travelling shop arrives twice a week in the hamlet.

Raymond appears in Alastair Sawday's guide and website

Raymond appears in the Sawday's guide and website.
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